Guests booked so far

andy's web promo photoAndy Irvine

matt_jackie_275 Matt Cranitch and Jackie Daly John SpillaneS_Publicity04Andrew McKay and Carol Etherton

 Richard Grainger

Róisín White Image Róisín White

Rosie Stewart Image Rosie Stewart

rattlesnakesRattlesnake County

Andy Kennaandy k

30Chris Wilson and Ann Alderson

Dick Miles23

Alan and Carole Prior

Jim Mageean and Pat Sheridan

Colleen’s Fancy

Cork Singer’s Club


Kieran O`Connell (77)  Kieran O’Connell

Jesse and Conor Anthony

William and Gina Dunlap

Tom at Central Arts  Tom Mullane

Uwe Hage and Susan Nares

Tom Patterson and Dave Morton

ashford-bandstand-10 Impressed

Marie Laure Haas, French Dancing

 Jools Rixon

Tim Browne