Friday 14th June

“Cois Mara” Siobhan and James Arnold, Maritime paintings and photographs…Aisling Gallery

Rosie’s 5:00–6:30 pm
Colleen’s Fancy

Rosie’s 7:30–9:00 pm
Song and Music Session with Robin Lewando, Sue Dukes, Dick Miles

Levis’s 9:00 pm

The Big Chimney Barn Dance

Rosie’s 9:30 pm
Sing-around – Chris Wilson (MC), Anne Alderson, Rosie Stewart,  Conor & Jesse Anthony, Dick Miles, Geoff Higginbottom  Baggyrinkle

Sandboat 9:30 pm
Sing-around – Andrew McKay & Carole Etherton, Andy Kenna (MC), Dave Morton & Tom Patterson,  Impressed, Jim Mageean, Pat Sheridan, MalcolmWard Maggie Feeney

Sandboat 12.00 midnight Baggyrinkle

Irish Whip 10:00 pm

Saturday 15th June

“Cois Mara” Siobhan and James Arnold, Maritime paintings and photographs…Aisling Gallery

OASIS CAFE 11:30 T0 2:30PM: Kelp Campaign Awareness ,

Music : Dick Miles


Hudsons, 12:00 pm Andrew Mckay and Carole Etherton

Old Bank Building 1:00 to 2.15 pm
Jim Mageean Pat Sheridan ‘Sea Shanties and their Usage’.  Slides accompanied by shanties demonstrating the various tasks that shanties were used for aboard ship (heaving at the capstan, windlass and pumps and hauling at the halyards, sheets and braces). Voluntary donations welcomed

OasisCafe 2.15 to2.45 Andrew Mckay and Carole Etherton

Levis’s 2:30–4:30 pm
Singaround – Chris Wilson, Anne Alderson, Conor & Jesse Anthony, Rosie Stewart,Tim Browne, Dave Morton & Tom Patterson, Baggyrinkle

Irish Whip 3:00 pm
Maritime Songwriting Competition, sponsored by IMRO – €250 prizes

Sandboat- 200 to3pm

Colleens Fancy

Sandboat 3:00–5:30 pm
Sea songs and Shanties sing-around – Jim Mageean & Pat Sheridan, Impressed,   Colleen’s Fancy, Malcolm Ward ,Jools Rixon [Dave Morton and TomPatterson to join from 4.30pm]

Rosie’s 3:00–5:30 pm
Matt Cranitch, Jackie Daly and [4.30 onwards Tim Browne]

Levis’s 4:30 pm
Cork Singer’s Club

Irish Whip 5:30–6:30 pm
Colleen’s Fancy

BALLYDEHOB COMMUNITY HALL (Side Room), 7:00–9:15 pm
MARTIN CARTHY JOHN KIRKPATRICK adm. €18. Floor spots – Dick Miles, Matt Cranitch & Jackie Daly,  Andy Kenna (MC)

Irish Whip 8:30–10:30 pm
Matt Cranitch, Jackie Daly and Tim Browne

Levis’s 9:15pm

The Sick and Indigent Songclub

Rosie’s –9:30 pm 1030PM
Sea Songs on Saturday –  Jim Mageean, Pat Sheridan,  Impressed, MalcolmWard, Baggyrinkle  JoolsRixon

Sandboat 9 pm to 9 30pm

Colleens Fancy

Sandboat 9:35 pm
Sing-around – Andrew McKay & Carole Etherton,  Dave Morton, Tom Patterson, Andy Kenna, Colleen’s Fancy, Impressed, Maggie Feeney

Sandboat 12.00 midnight  Baggyrinkle

Rosies10:30 pm
Sing-around – Chris Wilson, Anne Alderson, Conor & Jesse Anthony, Jim Mageean and Pat Sheridan, ,  Rosie Stewart, , DickMiles, Geoff Higginbottom, MalcolmWard.

Levis’s 11:–30pm
Andy Kenna ,   Maggie Feeney.

Levis’s 12.00midnight to 12 30.Colleens Fancy,  Maggie Feeney,Andy Kenna MalcolmWard

Vincent O’Mahony’s (O’Briens) 10:00 pm



Irish Whip 10:30 pm
Roola Boola

Sunday 16th June

“Cois Mara” Siobhan and James Arnold, Maritime paintings and photographs…Aisling Gallery

***Craft Fair and Music in the Community Hall***
Dick Miles 12:30–1:15 pm
Dave Morton & Tom Patterson 1:20–2:00 pm
Kilcoe School Group 2:00–2:45 pm
Jools Rixon 2.45–3:15 pm

Dick Miles 3:15–3 45 pm

Impressed 4.15–4:45 pm

Budd’s Café 11:00–11:45 am
Maritime Hymns – Andrew McKay & Carole Etherton, .Verna Connolly.  Impressed

Irish Whip 12:30–2:30 pm
Big Sing – Andy Kenna, Tim Browne,  Jim Mageean & Pat Sheridan, Chris Wilson & Anne Alderson, Impressed, Andrew McKay & Carole Etherton,  Rosie Stewart, Conor & Jesse Anthony, , Colleen’s Fancy, Baggyrinkle Geoff Higginbottom

Rosie’s 2:00 pm
Tim Browne & Cathy Cook

Levis’s 2:45–5:30 pm
Sing-around – , Rosie Stewart, Chris Wilson, Anne Alderson, Conor & Jesse Anthony, Jim Mageean & Pat Sheridan, Andrew McKay & Carole Etherton. Geoff Higginbottom

Sandboat 2:45–5:00 pm
Sing-around – Andy Kenna,  Impressed, Colleen’s Fancy, Dave Morton & Tom Patterson, Baggyrinkle. Malcolm Ward

Rosie’s 5.45–7:15 pm
Sea songs on Sunday – Jim Mageean & Pat Sheridan,Andrew McKay & Carole Etherton  Impressed, Baggyrinkle, Geoff Higginbottom  Jools Rixon

Levis’s 7:00 pm

 Rachel Sermanni.



Rosie’s 8:15–8:45 pm

Rosies   8 45  to 9 30 Singaround  Jim Mageean Pat Sheridan, Geoff Higginbottom, Impressed  Andy Kenna[MC]

Irish Whip 10:00 pm
All hands on deck, all singers.

Monday 17th June

“Cois Mara” Siobhan and James Arnold, Maritime paintings and photographs…Aisling Gallery


Irish Whip 7:00 pm Hello Delia Murphy[PASS THE HAT GIG]

is a talk interspersed with songs given by her niece Carmen Cullen. She also sings Delia’s songs and is accompanied by musician Gerry Anderson.

No woman performer made a bigger impact on the Irish Entertainment scene since Delia Murphy. In the late 1930s, all through the war years, and for may years afterwards, she had the nation singing along with her in songs like The Spinning Wheel, Three Lovely Lassies from Bannion, The Moonshiner and Dan O’Hara. She was a unique personality on stage and off, and is credited with laying the groundwork for the Irish Folk Revival.

This talk is special for the following reasons:

  • Hello Delia Murphy is told and Delia’s songs are performed by a family member.
  • The event provides a unique slant on Irish Social History and the cultural climate of the times.
  • It underlines the fearless nature of Delia Murphy as a woman and as a singer, who promoted Irish folk songs and ballads at a time it was almost impossible for a married woman with children to have a public profile, in particular in the show-business world.
  • This illustrated talk allows audiences to re-connect with their past and sing along with songs much loved and fondly remembered.
  • The talk explains Delia Murphy’s meteoric rise to fame and how the tradition she began has been taken up by well known ballad groups and performers, to the present day.


Rosie’s 9:00–11:00 pm
Survivors’ session – Dick Miles, Andrew McKay & Carole Etherton, Dave Morton & Tom Patterson,  Impressed, Robin Lewando and Sue Dukes

Wednesday 19th June

Sandboat 9:15 pm
Dave Morton & Tom Patterson, Dick Miles

All events are free unless otherwise stated. Concert tickets can be bought on the website by Paypal or by paying at the door. Or on sale at Ballydehob Post Office, Advance bookings will be given priority.